A new world disorder


Great article on the Wall Street Journal opinion pages on March 6 by Daniel Henninger – Putin Carterizes Obama, totally.

“As of this week, it’s official. Vladimir Putin has turned Barack Obama totally into Jimmy Carter.”

Mr. Wallflower Obama “took Mr. Putin’s offer to let Bashar Assad escape for using WMD against his own people.”

Obama is overmatched. Putin is a former KGB/FSB strongman thug while Obama is a career politician and social butterfly along with his crony friends (political) and a host of other liberal puppets. This president needs a “reset” with America, the one with Russia isn’t cutting it.

Russia recently stated that they plan to use military bases in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua for their navy and to refuel strategic bombers.

Two months ago a Russian spy ship, the Viktor Lennon (SSV-175) slipped unannounced into Havana Harbor. Then on March 5 China announced a 12.2 percent increase in their military budget.

The U.S. however, is preparing a decline in defense spending and a boost in money for social programs.

Our allies have noticed how inept our administration is. Even Saudi Arabia has armed the Syrian opposition because Obama wouldn’t. Democratic foreign policy is verbal, defensive, listless and saturated with liberal propaganda.

Statements from the Obama White House: there will be costs, I don’t bluff, there will be consequences, don’t cross the red line, – rhetorical theater by a president whose approval rating is at a new all time low.

Don’t promise if you can’t deliver and this administration doesn’t deliver.

What were the costs to Russia for harboring Edward Snowden?

Even Secretary John Kerry got into the Obama threatening, not acting talk over Snowden stating there would be consequences by giving asylum. He got asylum, there were no consequences. False bravado is this administration’s specialty.

Mr. Gary Kasparov, a journalist who lived in Russia and now is chairman of the Human Rights Foundation in New York said in the Wall Street Journal that “The free world should sanction the Russian oligarchs who would dump Putin in the trash tomorrow if he cannot protect their assets abroad. Target their visas, their mansions and ipo’s in London, their yachts and Swiss bank accounts. Use banks not tanks. The U.S. announced sanctions but they must be matched by the European Union to be truly effective, otherwise Wall Street’s loss is London’s gain and Putin’s divide and conquer tactics work again.”

On March 3, the Wall Street Journal editorial page stated: “The world is full of revisionist powers and bad actors looking to exploit the opening created by Mr. Obama’s retreat from global leadership and Mr. Putin is the leading edge of what could quickly become a new world disorder.”

George Zaio

Iron Mountain