Abandoned puppies investigated

IRON MOUNTAIN – Deputies from the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office continue to investigate the abandoned puppies incident.

Dickinson County Undersheriff Scott Rutter said officers interviewed the elderly man who found the puppies on Wednesday.

The Waucedah Township man told police the two puppies were discovered walking in a rural area on Beaver Pete Road in Menominee County near the Dickinson County line.

He put the pups in his vehicle and went to a nearby residence to see if they belonged to anyone in the area.

The local residents took the dogs in and turned them into the animal shelter.

Rutter said he has been unable to substantiate that the puppies found were in a box, or that they were with dead littermates.

Dickinson County Sheriff’s deputies have notified Menominee County officials of the matter, Rutter said. He said he has been unable to determine where the information originated that the puppies were found in a box.

Almost Home Animal Shelter officials reported the puppies have been adopted.