Quite a challenge


Thought I’d get on the bandwagon about this Carpenter Avenue thing – with the price of gas (heating and auto), fuel oil and propane, who can afford a bicycle? Even a second-hand one?

With the harsh winter and spring we are having and city crews working around the clock thawing water and sewer lines and upcoming potholes, who has time to think about bike trails?

Seniors will probably use it for exercise, students for school activities and sports, campers for recreation, but working people will welcome getting into an air-conditioned car when it rains and temperatures soar with hot and humid weather.

Summer of 2013 brought detours for repairing sidewalks and stoplights. It bothers me following a parent on a bike towing a child in a carrier with a rear red flag. With businesses cutting hours and temporary layoffs, new industry will probably think twice about relocating.

Looks like the balloon tires will have to be pumped up, the head light, wire basket, speedometer and red reflector on the neon fender will be shined up (and don’t forget the pant clip).

Try and get our balance and wobble down the avenue. It’ll be quite a challenge.

Agatha Cavaiani