Reminder issued on Fumee’s winter rules

IRON MOUNTAIN – The Fumee Lake Natural Area is one of the premier locales for year-round outdoor recreation. It’s a favorite place for a variety of winter activities, including cross-country skiing, walking and hiking, horseback riding, and snowshoeing.

Because the area is open for these various pastimes and all visitors share the trails, users should be aware of certain guidelines, trail etiquette, and regulations.

The Fumee Lake Commission offered the following summary:

-If you are not skiing, please keep off the ski tracks. Early in the season, when snow has accumulated to a minimum of eight inches, the trails are groomed and tracks prepared. The trails are multi-use pathways, and combined with the vagaries of winter weather, maintaining them is a challenge. Cooperation by non-skiers in not disturbing the tracks is greatly appreciated and adds to the enjoyment of everyone at Fumee Lakes.

– Pets and horses are welcome to the area, but owners should keep them off the ski tracks. When nature calls, your animal is sure to answer; please remove your animal’s waste so that others do not have to dodge it. A Dickinson County ordinance directs owners to keep their dogs on a leash, mainly for the safety and comfort of others.

-The frozen Big Fumee Lake is off limits to all visitors to help protect eagles from being disturbed during their critical breeding period.

-Motorized vehicles are not allowed on Fumee Lake trails. Snowmobiles must only use the designated trails, no exceptions.

Complete rules and ordinances are posted at the two entrances. Please follow these guidelines to help provide a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.