Serious matters


Back in 2010, I was glad a new face was going run for Congress of the U.S. Our last one retired after he sold us, the people who pay for everything he did, down the road.

The newcomer said, “enough was enough” was his theme, and he did win also won second term. He did the best he could, now is the time for someone new. Who ever the someone new is, here’s what must be done, and it will not be easy. The socialist Democrats are well entrenched and nothing will happen in Washington D.C. when it is for the citizens and other good Americans.

There are serious matters if we don’t.

We will lose America as we have known it.

1. Our federal taxing system is the most complicated in the world. It has to be changed.

2. Abortion, killing babies must be stopped, by overturning Roe vs Wade.

3. Obama must be impeached.

4. Seal the Mexican/U.S. border with U.S. Army.

5. Get manufacturing jobs back into U.S.

6. Public worker unions are out of control. Do like President Reagan did, fire them all.

7. Get rid of the IRS taxing system.

8. Get rid of the Department of Education. It is totally useless.

9. Gut Obamacare and start over with common sense.

Taxing is the biggest problem and at all levels of government. It has to stop. Abortion is a gutless solution. Killing the babies is also killing our country.

Joseph Massie