America will be judged


First, to be ignorant means “unknowning” of facts, not stupid. We have too many ignorant people in this world today. I once again read another letter to the editor from an ignorant person. This letter was about our government not continuing unemployment benefits. What they really mean is “those nasty Republicans.”

One is ignorant when you make unwise statements with no facts. The truth is it would have been nice to continue to give out unemployment benefits for those who ran out, but how can you do it?

Who pays for it. When the issue came up in Congress, Obama wanted to continue to pay the unemployment benefits. But, the Republicans said, “how do we pay for this?”

Obama said, just add it to the debt ceiling, what the heck if it is almost $18 trillion now. The Republicans said no, there must be cuts in the budget to pay for it, not just add it to the national debt.

People, we just can’t keep raising the debt ceiling, it is killing our country. The Democrats are tax and spend, more programs, more big government spending.

If you have a job, you bring in “x” amount of money each month.

You can’t spend more than you make. So, people get credit cards, maybe 10 of them.

Credit cards have “ceilings” on them. They charge up to the ceiling, then call the credit card companies and ask them to “raise” their credit limit. The credit card company raises it and they charge it up to the limit again.

Soon, the amount of money they have to pay for everyday living, plus what they have to pay for credit cards exceeds what they bring in in income. The only way to stay ahead in this game is to continually raise the limit on the credit cards.

But, sooner or later this will bring down the consumer with debt that they can not pay.

This is where we are in America now.

The Democrats just say, raise the limit, we’ll be OK. The Republicans want to “cut spending,” and if we don’t, we will fall as a country.

I am a patriotic American, and we must stop this insanity of spending, and more programs to help people. We are on the fast track to socialism, and it does not work.

Russia was and they fell. North Korea is and look at them, you want to live there? China is also, but, they have all our money. They loan us money and we pay them interest, big time.

They loan us money to keep us going, to keep us in debt. That is how they are getting to be a rich nation, at our expense. They are building up their military at our cost.

The Democratic Party, and our socialist president is killing our America.

Look at the health care mess we are in. Now on the news the president has signed a bill saying that employers must tell the IRS “why” they are laying off, or firing an employee.

And they must sign a statement “swearing it is the truth” as to why, and they could be prosecuted if they lie about the statement. This is being done to further “control” Americans.

We are getting closer to having a dictator in this country, and don’t be surprised if it does not happen before 2016 elections.

Obama has fired all the good military leaders and put in his own people. What is the criteria for who he puts in? The question to them is this, “could you fire on American citizens if ordered to?”

Why do you think there are “detention” camps being built in this Country? Who do you think is going to be put in them?

Morally we have hit the bottom. We have a professional football player says he is “gay” and we have the president and his wife tweet him saying “what a courageous person you are.”

Gay marriage supported by this president, now illegal drugs are OK with him.

One last word, America will be judged by God for its sins, and in the not to distant future unless we the people start to speak up. One way is the 2014 elections, Vote out the Democrats now and stop this slide to condemnation from God.

Allan Peterson