I see it as only a positive


I strongly agree with the purposed Road Diet for Carpenter Avenue.

I think that most are afraid of what it might do to the “traffic.” Maybe there would be less vehicle traffic and more alternative modes of transportation requiring just a tad bit of physical exertion.

As a resident of Iron Mountain, and a once resident of Marquette, the difference in activity level is incomparable. Living in Marquette for over five years showed me that it is very possible to move forward in this ‘revolution’ we call exercising. I used a mountain bike as my way to work for those five years, because the bike path allowed me to do so safely. I also used a bike for my mode of transportation to work once I moved back to the area.

Things the road diet would help out with: Safety issues, Speed control, obesity, increased endorphins, self-motivation, vehicle emissions to atmosphere, etc.

I see it as only a positive. As an owner of an Earth-friendly business, I wish more people would take the time to research just how we can improve not only the community in which we live, but the world in which we live. The proposed road diet is just one very small step in the right direction.

Not to be ‘blunt,’ but pretty much anywhere we would need to go in downtown Iron Mountain-Kingsford would take, at most, ten minutes by bike.

And to be ‘Kate,’ right on and a huge pat on the back to the supporters of this road diet. I will use it everyday ‘when’ it happens, not ‘if.’

Kate Chaperon

Iron Mountain