Beard contest in Niagara

NIAGARA, Wis. – The Niagara Centennial Beard Contest is now under way.

Beard Committee Chairman said Joe Thomson the contest will run until judging is held during the Niagara Centennial on Saturday, June 28.

Six categories will be determined, including: Fullest, Darkest, Whitest, Reddist, Scruffiest, and Best Handlebar Moustache.

There is no registration or entry fee required, but all men are encouraged to grow a beard and join the fun. Men who do not grow beards for the Centennial will be forced to appear before the Centennial Kangaroo Court, Thomson said.

Centennial Buttons are now on sale for admission to the Niagara’s 100 years Celebration.

The buttons sell for $10 each and will then be good for entry into the Centennial Entertainment Grounds in Niagara all four days, June 26-29, for all ages except children under one year.

The Niagara Centennial Celebration will feature numerous national, regional, and local recording and music artists on a main stage and a second music stage, plus a giant carnival midway with rides and games, a large centennial parade, fireworks, food and beverages, a children’s area, a time capsule, centennial souvenirs, arts and crafts area, an all-classes high school reunion, and more.

The Niagara Centennial buttons are sold at more than 20 locations in Marinette County and the Upper Peninsula, including Forward Financial Credit Unions in Niagara, Pembine, Marinette, and Iron Mountain, First National Bank of Niagara locations in Niagara, Spread Eagle, Florence, and Aurora, other Niagara locations including Niagara City Hall, Jim’s Restaurant, Bob’s Country Bar, Pit Stop Bar, Pit Stop Gas, Uptown Lanes, Andrea’s Sweet Designs, Best Buy Liquor Store, Marcouiller’s Foods, North Star Bar, and Steeno’s, plus, in Iron Mountain, Dickinson Area Partnership, Julia Rose Creations, and Frog Country Radio, and in Quinnesec, Big 10 Sports Bar.

For more information on the celebration, call Niagara City Hall at 715-251-3235.