Buying food from China?


I hear much about how the food stamp program has spiraled in recent years. Of course it has.

The growth in the number of recipients has increased exactly the same as the growth in the number of Americans who have little or no income.

Are there freeloaders in the program? Probably. And they should be dealt with. But believe me, no one is getting wealthy from food stamps. Remember that over half the recipients are children, and many are elderly or handicapped. As a civilized society we have an obligation to feed hungry children and elderly.

Why don’t they just get jobs? What jobs? Many of them do have jobs and work hard at minimum wage. Have you tried to feed a family on minimum wage? It’s impossible. Any trip to the grocery store will show how much food prices have grown since the minimum wage was last increased.

Yet Republicans refuse to raise the minimum wage because it will cut into their profit. At the same time we are told that businesses are thriving. But we can’t expect Republican millionaires to make any sacrifices, can we? No, all sacrifices have to be made by those just barely making it.

What happened to jobs? Just as one example:

Recently, I was horrified to learn that the frozen vegetables I have been buying come from China. We have all heard horror stories about how there is no inspection or regulation in China when it comes to agricultural methods or processing. How do we know what goes into our food?

I researched frozen vegetables in my local grocery store and found out that almost all the major brands come from China. I could find only one labeled “Product of USA.”

Why are we buying food from China? Are there no American farmers eager to sell their vegetables to a large food company, which in turn would hire American workers to process them? Why are we ignorantly buying these brands (as I was)?

Back to food stamps. There probably are some freeloaders getting food stamps and they should be dealt with. But freeloaders are everywhere, even (and especially) in Congress.

Arlene Flom

Iron Mountain