Must be controlled


It has been a couple months since the 2013 Deer season.

I have been thinking about it since then and have a few thoughts. I started deer hunting in 1959 at 14, no youth hunt back then.

How many deer hunter in those days do you think had the vast array of “hunting gadgets” back then.

I do not even remember washing our old red and black jackets and pants before deer season. There were no deer “blinds” then. You sat next to a tree on an old log, or like I was taught.

We would cut out the branches on an old spruce or balsam, put a log in there to sit on and sit and watch a couple deer trails that crossed in front of you.

Also, there was no such thing as “feeding” deer with bait. We also did not have the warm clothing we do today, and the very warm boots of today.

We had no “heaters” either. I will say this, we were “real men and hunters then.”

You sat until you were almost frozen, then walked back to the car, yes car, no trucks yet back then. I would meet my dad and older brother at the car.

We would warm it up and have a sandwich and candy bar, then back out until dark.

If you took the young hunters out today and did what we did then, they would quit after one day, done.

Today we sit in warm deer blinds, windows, heaters, lazy boys, wow, it is really hard hunting isn’t it?

If we do not see 10-15 deer a day and several bucks it is a bad deer season, better ream out the DNR for no deer.

I remember many days of seeing no deer. Some days you would see a couple, maybe four or five on a very good day. No such thing as “let them go, let them grow.”

You saw a spike or fork, you shot it. There was only one buck a year and you were done hunting.

There was only one deer season, November 15th to the 30th.

Bow season did not exist back then. We had coyotes then, I saw many of them during the season.

No such thing as a wolf back then, never even heard of any back then. I remember my brother and I and my dad would go out in the summer and fall and ride around and shine deer at night.

We would see hundreds in a couple hours. Shine the farm fields and it was like neon lights out there. Go and shine those same fields today and you will be lucky to see 30-50 on a good night.

Why is that? What happened to the deer?

How about this, to start we have the early “youth” hunt. Then we have the early bow season, Oct. 1 until Nov. 15.

Then we have the Nov. 15th to Nov. 30th rifle season. Then we have the 10 day Black Powder season. That is followed by the late archery season.

We also have the very liberal doe seasons, and the farm crop damage doe kill, and you wonder where the deer are?

Now I am going to tell you we also have the out-of-season violators, yes, and we all know who they are. We have the “good ole boys” who go out and buy their wife a deer license so they can shoot their two bucks, and kill another one with her tag, yes, don’t shake your head. They are out there.

We all know who these people are, we have them in our camps, we have them as friends and we say nothing to them.

Bad thing is, these people have “kids” that see this and learn this, and we still wonder why we have fewer deer. Yes, we have coyotes, wolves, bears, and bobcats, and road-kill deer, we will always have that.

We hunt bears, we hunt coyotes, we hunt bobcats to control their numbers, and we need to.

Oh, and by the way, we are commanded by God to control their numbers also. Remember in the Bible where God said to “go and have dominion over the animals.”

Now, we hunt and control all these, but we do not hunt the wolf, why?

We don’t because we have a few “bunny huggers” and “animal lovers” out there who raise their voice and demand we not hunt these “beautiful creatures.”

News flash, we must control their numbers if they are going to be in Upper Michigan, period.

That is the business of the DNR, not special interest groups who know nothing about game management. I really have nothing against the wolf in Michigan, they are a beautiful animal, but they must be controlled.

I have an idea, let’s have it that when a hunter buys his deer license they should be able to buy a “Wolf Tag” that allows a hunter to kill one wolf. If you kill a wolf, you must register it in 24 hours at a DNR office.

Then when the quota is reached, the wolf hunt is over for the season. This is done during the rifle season. The DNR would notify the media to announce when the season is over so all hunters know it is over.

It would be every hunter’s responsibility to keep up on the wolf closing date. Every camp has a radio so there is no excuse. The Wolf hunt must be U.P. wide, not just in a few areas.

Allan Peterson