Speeding is a problem


I feel compelled to respond to the recent editorial by a local councilman. His crystal ball is a very limited and cloudy view. I have long ago tired of this “bottom line” view of the world.

As to traffic moving at a snail’s pace, I think speeding is a problem on Carpenter Avenue and this may be a help as part of this area is a school zone.

It seems as if the author knows about road rage more than I. However, this should not be an issue related to this proposal.

As a former volunteer firefighter for many years I can relate to driving an emergency vehicle through traffic and it is safer at lower speeds. Arriving at the scene safely is paramount. Those in a hurry who do not yield are more of a problem than the congestion on a three-lane street.

Could this be a “chicken or the egg” issue as to bicyclists and pedestrians?

Iron Mountain is a very unfriendly community for both of those groups. Contrast the situation here versus Marquette or communities where this type of work has been done.

Yes, Marquette is not only larger and a university community, but as a percentage of population there are more people on foot or bikes. There is a completely different business development opportunity when frontage access changes.

I ask which is it, people can ride their bikes on any streets or they shouldn’t ride especially on Carpenter Avenue? More of our population will be using bicycles as their main form of transportation and hopefully they’ll figure out who will thoughtfully consider their convenience and safety along with motorists.

What part of being progressive is so repugnant? This proposal is not particularly reckless in my humble opinion.

John Erickson

Breitung Township