Later than you think


Someone once said, there is something rotten in the state of Denmark.

Well, look no further something is rotten right here in good ole Dickinson County, and it smells to high heaven.

Let me tell you taxpayers what I recently found out what our county commissioners, or elected servants who are supposed to represent you, especially guarding your tax dollars, held what I will call a special meeting to pass resolution 2007-12.

Only four people were present, the four county commissioners and they adopted on Oct. 23, 2007 resolution, finally we know seven years later. 2007-12 is a resolution to preserve current “Retiree Health Insurance Benefits for Union Exempt Staff Employed Prior to Jan. 1, 1996.”

This resolution in layman’s language is simply, our elected servants on their own initiative, with no input from the taxpayers awarded nine full time employees, six retired three still on, full health care coverage same as negotiated for union employees.

Resolution 2007-12 lists the names of the nine people who were awarded full coverage. Have you any idea what this cost is to the county? I have talked with insurance people they tell me this resolution probably cost the county between $50,000 to $100,000 per year. If this isn’t the actions of out of control elected servants nothing is.

The main problem is they have been in office too long. They should all retire. When you get 80 years old you belong in the pasture. All they can do to solve problems is to tax the citizens, spend and waste. Oh by the way the meeting lasted 10 minutes and they all received $25 each. Plus travel.

Unfortunately, more Dickinson County citizens, voters and taxpayers do not care or they fall in the category of low information voters. And if you don’t get The Daily News you will know nothing of what these commissioners do when no one’s looking or checking this resolution is just one. When sneaking to get things done, you have a problem.

If you care call me and I will send you a copy of this resolution. Get your head out of the sand. These people have totally forgotten who they work for – it’s later than you think.

Joseph Massie