‘Awesome show’ predicted

IRON MOUNTAIN – Klemens Muranka of Poland recorded jumps of 425 and 416 feet to win the first round of competition at the 2014 Bellin Health Pine Mountain Continental Cup Ski Jumping Competition Friday.

This is the 75th year of ski jumping at Pine Mountain.

Skiing before a crowd of several hundred spectators, Slovenian jumper Anze Lanisek had the longest jump of the day at 457 feet. However, his second jump of 333 feet bumped him to seventh place.

“I am very, very happy,” Muranka said. “I like this hill. The weather is windy. I feel very good.”

This is the first year the annual tournament started on a Friday. In the past, jumping was conducted on Saturdays and Sundays.

“It’s so strange to have a tournament on Friday but everything went great,” said Kiwanis Ski Club President Nick Blagec. “The hill is in excellent shape and the weather (today) is supposed to be nicer.”

“I hope we can have a good crowd,” Blagec said. “You’re gonna miss a good show if you’re not up here. So get up here. The jumps were awesome today. Twenty or so jumps were over 400 feet. It’s gonna be a show.”

Sixty-two jumpers from 11 countries skied on Friday afternoon.

Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Estonia, Poland, Slovenia, Finland, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and the United States are represented at this year’s jumps.

Rounding out the top six were Karl Geiger of Germany in second place, Nejc Dezman of Slovenia in third, Pius Paschke of Germany in fourth, Matjaz Pungertar of Slovenia in fifth, and Anze Semenic of Slovenia in sixth.

The top American skier was Chris Lamb of Andover, N.H., who placed 38th.

Competition 2 begins today with a trial round at 11 a.m., opening ceremony at 12:15 p.m.; and competition 2 begins at 1 p.m.

On Sunday, the trial round is at 11 a.m.; and competition 3 begins at 1 p.m.

All times are weather permitting.

Gate prices are $25 for adults and $20 for students. Concessions are available on site and carry-ins and tailgating are also welcomed.

“This is the largest tailgate party in the Midwest in the month of February,” said Susie Fox of the Kiwanis Ski Club.

For more information, visit the website or call the Kiwanis Ski Club at 779-1110.

Countries and team members participating in the 2014 Bellin Health Pine Mountain Continental Cup Ski Jumping Competition include the following:

The United States is represented by AJ Brown, Kevin Bickner, Michael Glasder, Chris Lamb, Brian Wallace, Nicholas Mattoon, Christian Friberg, William Rhoads and trainer Bine Norcic.

Austria is represented by Simon Greiderer, Clemens Aigner, Christoph Stauder, Florian Altenburger, Patrick Streitler, Manuel Poppinger, Markus Schiffner, Daniel Huber and trainers Andreas Mitter and Florian Leigl.

Estonia is represented by Martti Nomme and trainer Jaan Juris.

Finland is represented by Jere Kykkanen, Lasse Moilanen, Lauri Asikainen, Ossi-Pekka Valta and trainer Marko Malkamaki.

Germany is represented by Daniel Wenig, Markus Eisenbichler, Stephan Leyhe, Danny Queck, Pius Paschke, Karl Geiger, Tobias Lugert, Maximilan Mechler, and trainers Ronny Hornschuh and Jens Deimel.

Italy is represented by Diego Dellasega, Federico Cecon, Daniele Varesco, Zeno Di Lenardo and trainers Walter Cogoli and Ezio Brigadoi.

The Netherlands is represented by Oldrik van der Aalst, Rueben de Wit, Lars Antonissen and trainer Robert Treitinger.

Norway is represented by Sigurd Nymoen Soeberg, Simen Grimsrud, Tord Hammer, Joachim Hauer, Phillip Sjoen, Fredrik Bjerkeengen, Johan Martin Brandt and trainers Thomas Lobben and Carl Vegard Andersen.

Poland is represented by Bartlomiej Klusek, Krzysztof Mietus, Aleksander Zniszczol, Klemens Muranka, Stefan Hula, Krzysztof Biegen, Przemyslaw Kantyka, Jacob Wolny, trainer Maciej Maciusiak, technician Wojciech Topor, service specialist Kamil Skrobot and team captain Robert Mateja.

Slovenia is represented by Andraz Pograjc, Tomaz Naglic, Nejc Dezman, Matjaz Pungertar, Anze Lanisek, Anze Semenic, Robert Hrgota, Roc Justin and trainers Igor Medved and Uros Vrhovec.

Switzerland is represented by Marco Grigoli, Pascal Kaelin, Pascal Egloff, Andreas Schuler, trainer Roger Kamber and team captain Pipo Schroedler.

Friday’s top 20 finishers follow (Last name, first name, nation, points):

1. MURANKA Klemens, POL, 251.5.

2. GEIGER Karl, GER, 247.6.

3. DEZMAN Nejc, SLO, 232.2.

4. PASCHKE Pius, GER, 226.0

5. PUNGERTAR Matjaz, SLO, 216.1.

6. SEMENIC Anze, SLO, 211.9.

7. LANISEK Anze , SLO, 210.6.

8. JUSTIN Rok, SLO, 210.5.

9. ASIKAINEN Lauri, FIN, 203.3.

10. POGRAJC Andraz, SLO, 202.4.

11. HULA Stefan, POL, 197.9.

12. MIETUS Krzysztof, POL, 196.9.

13. STAUDER Christoph, AUT, 195.0.

14. NAGLIC Tomaz, SLO, 194.7.

15. FETTNER Manuel, AUT, 190.4.

16. SCHIFFNER Markus, AUT, 190.1.

17. HRGOTA Robert, SLO, 189.6.

18. BJERKEENGEN Fredrik, NOR, 188.4.

19. HAYBOECK Stefan, AUT, 185.5.

20. MECHLER Maximilian, GER, 185.4.