This new memorial to Ike


Obama is he like Stalin, who in the 1930s with his fear of a coup dismissed thousands of officers. Note: all the admirals and half his high-ranking army officers; later he reinstalled some 30 percent to key positions, a true narcissist, control freak, and war criminal.

Our current Trojan horse, leftist, narcissist president, is he afraid of a military coup as was Stalin? He has said, we cannot rely on our military, we need a civilian force as funded, as strong and as trained; founding fathers would have called it a militia.

Or could he be thinking gang affiliations to serve at his pleasure like the fast and furious?

Is that why homeland insecurity has purchased so much ammo? Could he be a puppet of our shadow government/new world order? Could it be they are secretly achieving their goal with us standing down, surrender without a shot.

Obama has purged some 197 high ranking U.S. military officers during his presidency. Many have served honorably for 25-plus years with perfect service records.

He seems to be using the flimsiest of charges to achieve his goals; a hollow armed force of politically correct officers that kowtows to king Obama; unbelievable grounds such as loss of confidence, gambling, inappropriate behavior, emails, troop morale, views on religious grounds, traditional marriage; yes, some are not perfect.

As for loss of confidence, we the people should ask for his resignation.

Navy Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette, Oct 27, 2012, commander USS John C. Stennis strike group for inappropriate leadership to wanting to help in Benghazi. Army General Carter F. Ham, Oct 18, 2012, Commander of AFRICOM, who was in charge of military intervention in Libya, relieved during Benghazi from direct command and physically apprehended and arrested by his second in command for not standing down.

General David Petraeus, Nov 9, 2012, Commander International Security Assistance Force ISAF and Commander U.S. Force Afghanistan and CIA Director for inappropriate behavior, he also said Israel is a liability not an asset, or General Stanley McChrystal, U.S. Army Commander Afghanistan June 2010 over an article in Rolling Stone Magazine.

Really these issues are small code violations verses court martial/criminal violations or actions of some of the 20th century officers.

Currently, citizens in Alaska are trying to remove Major Edwin Glenn’s name from an Alaskan highway. He was using torture, first water boarding or water cure to Philippine mayors, got no information, so he would administer a salt water cure.

Glenn was also a judge advocate ordering a town of 10,000 burned to the ground. His own soldiers returning from the Philippines reported hundreds of instances of shooting captives and torture and issues with other officers wives.

He was suspended from command for a month and received a $50 fine. The Army War College requested Glenn write, the Rules of Land Warfare, published in 1914 and was used through World War II, how ironic.

I have visited the World War II memorial in Washington, DC, in 2009-2010. It’s wonderful, 100 percent open, not a gated venue.

It’s my belief all soldiers put their pants on, one leg at a time and equal, so the memorial should represent all soldiers, private through general, and not be closed by the National Park Service.

There’s a move on to create a memorial to “Ike” or Dwight D Eisenhower on the wall, a four acre site. Over $60 million dollars has been appropriated and approved by President Bill Clinton in 1999.

The Eisenhower Memorial commission has asked for $51 million more for construction in 2014.

Talk about a waste of money; was he promoted over 30 plus better qualified officers?

After all, he was like next to lost in his class at West Point. General Macarthur said, “He wasn’t fit to be his desk clerk.”

“Ike,” he was promoted to Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces during World War II and later became our 34th President of the United States.

Question: on March 10, 1945 did he issue an order that German Prisoners of War be pre-designated a Disarmed Enemy Forces or called DEF?

Did he order that they were not to be given any food, water, latrines, or shelter?

These prisoners didn’t fall under the Geneva Rules and the Swiss Red Cross had no authority to inspect the camps.

General George Patton, after the war was officially over, released his prisoners to find their way home. My dad was in Patton III Army, the ghost division, and was killed by Ike’s handlers.

Eisenhower ordered General Omar Bradley and General J.C.H. Lee to turn their troops over to DEF Camps on May 15. Did Eisenhower create his own Holocaust?

Did providing no food, water, shelter, and latrines cause the deaths of 1.7 million German Christian POWs?

Is it true that a French General Rousseau who took over Dietersheim find 30,000 men and women of all ages on death beds, or Captain Julian found a vast sea of DEF living skeletons like photos at Dachau?

Is it true that death rates were 80 times more than expected by our U.S. Medical Corps? Did Ike order the International Red Cross supply trains be turned back with thousands of cars?

So is it premeditated barbarian extermination? In May 1945, the American Red Cross reported 98 percent of Americans captured by the Germans will be coming home. So do we need this new memorial to Ike?

I wore my dad’s Eisenhower jacket during my 20s.

John Beck