Iron River told to keep water running

IRON RIVER – All customers in the city of Iron River are urged to run water in their homes, businesses, churches and schools, effective immediately, City Manager Perry Franzoi announced.

Because of the extreme depth of frost in the ground, water service lines are freezing and are unable to be thawed, he said.

“Please run water from the cold water faucet, the diameter of a number two pencil,” Franzoi said.

The faucet used should be the farthest from the water meter in the structure. All customers will not be charged on their monthly utility bill for the use of water to prevent their lines from freezing, he said.

Future billing will be based on average consumption from previous billing cycles.

This advisory will remain in effect until further notice.

“The city will adjust each account individually so there is no need to contact the city concerning your utility bill,” he said.

The city is attempting to flush the water distribution system at this time to purge the colder water from the system and replace it with warmer well water, Franzoi explained.