Control the wolf


I have been a hunter in the Upper Peninsula for the past 60 years, so you might that I know my way around the woods.

I remember that back in the 1960s and 1970s were very lucky to see a deer, let alone shoot a buck. As the years progressed the deer herd increased in size to a point that we were required to have doe permits.

Then in the 1990s we suffered two very harsh winters, which took a large toll on the U.P deer herd.

Shortly thereafter a new threat arrived on the scene, it was called the wolf. The wolf population has grown every year. The wolf is afraid of nothing. I have witnessed wolves chasing deer to kill for food. Biologists put a figure of 17 to 35 deer per year is required for each individual wolf to survive. Deer are the number one food source for wolves.

Recently my grandson, while archery hunting from a tree stand, had to remain there for several hours because four wolves had surrounded him. Needless to say he was a frightened young man. My nephew reported to me that while walking into their camp after dark had a weird feeling, when he turned around using his flashlight, two wolves were following him.

Wolves have been sighted in the street in towns such as Ironwood, Crystal Falls and Norway. I am grateful that I have no young children waiting at bus stops or walking to school, Wolves not only kill for food, but they kill just to kill.

With last year’s long winter and this year’s severe and the large population of wolves we have, I am hoping that we will have some sort of deer season in the near future.

We need to control the wolf population in the Upper Peninsula. This can only be accomplished by utilizing sound scientific management by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the Natural Resources Commission.

That is why I support the Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management petition drive to enact the Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act. This citizen initiative will ensure that fish and wildlife decisions can be made by the Natural Resources Commission using sound science, as well as provide free hunting, fishing and trapping licenses to active military members and fight Asian carp with an aquatic invasive species emergency response fund.

I’ve already signed the petition and I think everyone reading this should sign it also. You can request on by emailing or by going to

Tony Demboski