No one listens


I would like to commend The Iron Mountain Daily News for their fantastic series on the history of Iron Mountain.

In late October, after two years of research and the support of the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office and local historian Bill Cummings, downtown Iron Mountain was officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The listing on the National Register is primarily honorific but does provide property owners within the district access to federal tax credits for rehabilitation projects. A community cannot look to the future without celebrating its past. Thank you Iron Mountain Daily News for your fantastic series.

I would also like to clarify some important facts about the Carpenter Avenue road diet project.

First, this project is simply an idea at this point. In order for this project to move forward, a public hearing will be required with the Iron Mountain City Council.

Second, road diets across the Upper Peninsula in communities similar to Iron Mountain have been extremely successful at reducing accidents and improving safety for bikers and pedestrians.

Third, this project takes into account all users of the road. As shocking as it may be for some residents of Iron Mountain, there are people who walk or bike on a daily basis.

Nothing is more frightening for the pedestrian or biker than being in the lane of traffic or feeling that a truck is going to mow you over. Not everyone owns a car and some people choose not to own a car in order to live a healthier lifestyle.

The road diet will assist with car-non-motorized safety and provide a safer thoroughfare to connect the communities of Iron Mountain and Kingsford.

I find it extremely concerning the number of residents who are not open to positive change in this community.

Our children are fleeing this region for a reason, and it is not all related to jobs. No one listens to our youth and young professionals or empowers them to become leaders in our community.

No one accepts proven and tried ideas that have been initiated in other U.P. communities that have improved their quality of life and made their community more attractive to attracting jobs and economic development.

Please be open to new concepts, willing to listen, willing to share ideas.

These ideas are simply another way to improve traffic and pedestrian safely, while making our community a better place for people to live and visit.

Jonathan Ringel

Iron Mountain