Greatest gift of all


Every day is a learning experience. Some days I enjoy the lessons I learn. Most of a person’s life is a pleasant series of learning opportunities. As we walk down the path of our life, we find out how, by pleasing someone dear to us, we ourselves are rewarded with a prideful sense of accomplishment.

Knowing that we can give to another and get a good feeling rewards us in many different ways. On special occasions we go to great length to find a gift that we feel is perfect for the person we have in mind. We have expectations of what we feel the response will be when our gift is received.

The person who is expecting a gift may also have expectations as to what the giver will give to them. In fact they may go as far as to drop little hints as to what they would like to receive. They often fantasize about what it will be like to have the gift of their dreams.

Quite often people will do something for someone else and expect a gift in return.

These gifts are in all practical aspects really payments.

It is kind of odd when you really think about what a gift is and why it may be given. People say many different things to others when they give a gift. I like you, I miss you, I appreciate what you have done, I hope you get well, I am sorry. These are just a few examples, but one reason many gifts are given is to say I love and deeply care about you. The giver in all these cases is really hoping for a certain response from the recipient.

One month ago we celebrated Christmas, the holiday most people associate with giving gifts.

Unfortunately a lot of the gifts that were given were not what the recipient wanted and so they were rejected. Some gifts didn’t fit, some didn’t work, some were the wrong color, some were broken, some just were not good enough. It saddens both the giver and the person who receives the gift when this happens. There are also gifts that are opened and then put to the side and forgotten. The saddest situation of all is the one gift that is and always will be perfect in every way.

The one truly special gift that was given to all of mankind.

God gave his son to us. God gave his son for us. God’s gift of love was his son Jesus. He also gave of his life so all people may live with him forever.

He truly is the gift above all gifts. Now that the gifts of Christmas have all been put away, may I ask you a question?

Have you accepted God’s gift? God only knows. Today might be the last chance you may have before you take that big step into eternity.

Did you accept the greatest gift of all?

Jim Dziedzic