Shortage is contrived


Governor Snyder of Michigan and Governor Walker of Wisconsin have issued state emergency decrees in regard to the shortage of propane gas.

However, they have only acted in regard to the shipping and transportation of propane; they have not addressed the issue of price gouging/profiteering that is occurring in both states.

The price of propane has gone from approximately $1.39 to $5 a gallon. This is unfettered capitalistic rape at the expense of people who are dependent on propane to heat their homes.

Home heat is a survival issue, much like health insurance; it is not something to be used in order to profit.

Many, including myself, believe that this shortage is contrived in order to make a profit.

You have to ask yourself why the propane pipeline would go down for maintenance in December when it was predicted that this winter would be one of the coldest we have seen in many years?

Smacks of collusion. Furthermore, why are we limited to so few propane manufacturers in this country? Think about this problem as your or family members consider how they are going to heat homes and they pay the astronomical charge for propane.

Sue Marsy