Unsung heroes


We’ve all heard of unsung heroes. Over my years there were many. They would always say don’t use my name, and I never will.

1. Working parents who figure out what they will sacrifice to pay for the latest tax hike because politicians at all levels wouldn’t sacrifice any government spending.

2. A middle-aged man who loses his job, cuts out his discretionary spending, draws on his savings, and seeks a lower-paying job instead of applying for the unemployment insurance he has been paying into, or welfare.

3. The small business man and wife who served nearly every family in town but never gets recognition, where as: local public school superintendents who retires young after the three-year stint he took to bump up his pension.

4. The school teacher – the one all the parents want for their kids – who is grateful for a secure public job, good pay, great benefits and long summer breaks.

5. Those willing to risk their lives, fortune and sacred honor in defense of others lives, liberties and pursuit of happiness.

6. The farmer who never gets called for a news story because the Agriculture Department is easier to get hold of.

7. The citizen who won’t let their elected officials get away with saying one thing and doing another.

8. The person who does for you whatever it is you would hate to do for a living.

9. The parents and grandparents who nurture their children with a deep respect for God, liberty limited government (all levels) self reliance and generosity.

10. The pastor or other religious leader who teaches, encourages and urges earnestly to strengthen the moral code underpinnings of a civil society, without which no people can be free.

11. The young union leader who realizes the age of forced unionism is over, and who commits to renew their union to voluntary cooperation and the valued service to workers.

12. The business owner who looks to government to enforce the rules fairly not conveying for subsidies or cronyism at all levels.

I personally know people in every one of these categories and I hope you can.

Famous and powerful people get all the credit, most don’t deserve them. Am I going crazy or what?

Oh by the way how’s that Obama thing work out for you so far?

Joe Massie