No chance for the public


President Obama has asked Congress to approve “fast track authority” for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade deal. If Congress goes along it will be giving away its constitutionally protected role in trade negotiations without even knowing what is in the final deal: no amendments, no debate, no chance for the public to have a say.

WikiLeaks revealed the secret drafting of this largest ever economic treaty that would cover over 40 percent of the world’s gross domestic product.

The Trans-Pacific Trade partnership is the forerunner of an equally secret Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the US and the European Union. The advanced draft of the intellectual property rights chapter was shielded from the public.

Only 3 individuals from each of the member countries had access to the full text of the agreement while 600 trade lobbyists from multinational corporations like Chevron, Monsanto, and Walmart had access to crucial sections of the treaty text.

WikiLeaks stressed the intellectual property chapter lays out provisions for instituting a far-reaching transnational legal and enforcement regime modifying and replacing the existing laws of member states: Canada, Mexico, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan and Brunei.

Particular measures include supranational tribunals to which sovereign nations are to defer but offer no safeguards for human rights. The Intellectual property chapter states that the supranational litigation tribunals can conduct hearings with secret evidence.

We must defend our United States Constitution and not let America be ceded to the power of multinational corporations. Please call our U.S. Rep. Benishek: 202-225-4735 to find out where he stands on multinationals fast tracking trade negotiations with no congressional review.

Carol Johnson