Leave it as it is


In response to the letter in The Daily News on “Road diet” for Carpenter Avenue, I say leave it as it is. Making it three lanes won’t be any improvement.

To improve Carpenter Avenue, get rid of the right turn only on northbound Carpenter at H street and get the manhole covers level with the street so you don’t have to drive like a drunk to avoid the sunken ones.

If an engineer is hired down the road to change Carpenter Avenue, in say 2040 (after I’m gone), make sure he was born and educated here so you don’t have a round-about at Carpenter and Ludington and one at Carpenter and Woodward.

Having lived at 1027 Carpenter for 14 years, I don’t miss the traffic noise and the drunks going by at 2 a.m. with a flat tire trying to get home.

Vance Jones