Unfair to taxpayers


As a Councilman for the City of Kingsford, I have become very concerned with the greed that rules our great city.

Both retired Kingsford Public Safety officers Councilman Mic Flaminio and newly elected Joe Groeneveld, combined, are receiving over $100,000 a year for their pensions from the City of Kingsford, with a yearly 2 1/2 percent COLA for the rest of their lives.

Councilwoman Cindy Dixon-Miller is the head of the union at the Kingsford Post Office. Councilman Dennis Baldinelli, in his own words receives a union pension.

They control and run the city. Between now and June, the labor contracts have to be renegotiated, for another three years, with Public Safety, Public Works, and Administration.

If I were a betting man, I would bet that there would not be any substantial saving to the taxpayers in the new labor contracts.

Get ready for the spin from my fellow council members. When this is done, I intend to take the new and the old labor contracts to an independent accountant to determine if the taxpayers are indeed coming first.

When the union sits across the table from the union in labor negotiations, it is not “collective bargaining.” It is unfair to taxpayers.

Councilman Brian K. Smeester