It’s sad to say


This letter is in response to Don Charlevoix’s letter about hunting whitetail deer. Way to go, Don.

You hit the nail on the head. Everything you listed is exactly what the Michigan Department of Resources should be considering about the deer herd, instead of what appears to be just thinking about financial gains, (increasing license fees for hunting seasons no one will use).

While I understand, the use of these fees for funding programs, it appears that what matters the most is maintaining quality deer herd should be priority no. 1, not to see how many license can be sold.

Like the saying from the movie “Field of Dreams.” “If you build it, they will come.”

If your deer herd is lacking, you are correct, no one will buy a license, meaning no one will spend additional money in the area, of which a lot of smaller communities depend on.

Lots of other states have antlerless deer seasons. We all know that the perfect buck to doe ratio is 1 to 1, (which could never be attained, in the U.P., due to all the reasons you have listed), let’s get it to a reasonable ratio.

How do you do that? Cull some antlerless deer, (during the youth hunt, no bucks), allow the shooting and trapping of wolves like Wisconsin. In some states, if you buy a license, you are allowed to shoot one wolf.

Michigan used to have a bounty on coyotes, bring it back. There are enough answers to rectify the issues, but in actuality it all comes down to one thing, “the almighty dollar.” Until that way of thinking is stopped and thinking of the deer begins, it’s sad to say, there will be a lot of people going other places to hunt the whitetail deer.

Without proper management, wildlife becomes your next hood ornament.

Brad Martin

Kaukauna, Wis.