Visitor restrictions at Dickinson County Memorial Hospital

IRON MOUNTAIN – Visitor restrictions are now in effect throughout Dickinson County Memorial Hospital until further notice, officials announced today.

In order to keep newborns and their mothers safe and healthy at Dickinson County Memorial Hospital, the OB Unit-Family Birth Place has restricted visitation to the spouse/significant other, parents and grandparents of the newborn(s) only. Anyone under the age of 18, including siblings, will be unable to visit in the OB Department. These restrictions will remain in effect until further notice.

Hospital-wide visitor restrictions allow only two adult visitors per patient at any given time. Anyone under the age of 18 should postpone visiting patients at Dickinson Memorial until such time that visitor restrictions are lifted.

In addition, anyone with signs and symptoms of upper respiratory illness is asked to refrain from visiting patients in the hospital. Those affected would be people who have colds, a cough, fever, and any other form of respiratory distress. Rather than make a personal visit to the hospital, people with compromised health are asked to send flowers or make a phone call. Special visiting considerations may be made for patients that are critically ill.

“DCHS is taking these pre-emptive measures to help control the spread of influenza and RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus)” said Brenda DeAmicis, RN, Infection Prevention Nurse at Dickinson County Memorial Hospital. “We believe these early restrictions will help keep our youngest, eldest and most vulnerable patients safe from infection.”

“We appreciate your cooperation and understanding,” said DeAmicis. “Our visitor restriction hotline number is 906-776-5950 and is updated regularly as conditions change. We encourage you to call this number prior to planning a visit to the hospital.”