Supported by sound science


Why hunt wolves? Wolves are the top predator in Michigan. Other than humans no other species in Michigan can kill a wolf on a regular basis. Hunting is a management tool. We use hunting to help control a population. If we don’t hunt/manage wolves their population will continue to grow until such time their prey is virtually eliminated resulting in more problem wolf encounters with humans. Hunting is a necessary tool.

The Natural Resource Commission (NRC) and Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) determined in 2013 that we have a sufficient wolf population to start managing the species. They set the first wolf quota at 43 wolves from an estimated 658 wolves. That’s less than 7 percent of the estimated population.

How is the wolf population to be managed without hunting? Asking them to behave and to go away isn’t going to work. Hunting is a necessary tool.

To ensure that the NRC and MDNR continue to have the ability to determine what a game species is and how to manage it using science a petition initiative was started by a group called Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management.

The petition created makes decisions about fish and game species based on sound science, rather than emotion, biologists can structure seasons and limits that are good for fish and wildlife. Hunters, anglers and trappers don’t want to take more fish or game than are supported by sound science.

If this initiative passes, anti-hunters won’t be able to arbitrarily block hunting that is supported by sound science. The anti-hunters’ favorite tactic to attack hunting rights in Michigan is through ballot referendums, and this initiative will take that tactic away from them.

This issue is incredibly important to all sports people. Failure isn’t an option. We sports people need to become proactive and collect the required signatures to ensure future hunting and fishing seasons and professional management! We need to show the special interests (anti-hunters) the door. We do not need the special interests in our state. Check out this website for more information and volunteer, get involved before it’s too late

John Cox