Facing reality


It is encouraging to see one of our political parties finally facing reality in the issues facing this country. Newt Gingrich recently stated that it is a moral dilemma that a city with as many billionaires as New York City has should have approximately 22,000 homeless children.

We can justifiably argue for hours over whose fault it is that the children are homeless; however, we cannot argue over two facts: there are 22,000 homeless children in New York City and it is not their fault they are homeless.

And as far as anti-abortion advocates are concerned, let me take it a step further: Not only do I feel a child has the right to be born, I just as strongly believe every child has the right to be raised in a nurturing, positive, productive environment.

Postscript: The person who wrote the article, “Kick them to the curb,” in Saturday, Jan 11, paper made a very good point about the super-wealthy being bailed out in times of trouble, as they were given billions in zero-interest loans, but there seems to be an endless argument about helping the unemployed.

Jerry Rahoi

Iron Mountain