Put the tax rate back


Traders or traitors?

I received an email a few days ago from a congressman.

He was responding to my concerns about the Atlantic and Pacific trade agreements that Congress is trying to ram down our throats. He actually stated that it would result in more jobs for Michigan.

Now there is one of the biggest whoppers I’ve heard since Nafta days. He didn’t say that we lost our furniture industry in Michigan to a trade agreement.

An appliance maker in Iowa for over 50 years left and went to Mexico because of a trade agreement.

We lost the huge textile industry in the southeast because of a trade agreement. Many auto workers lost jobs because of a trade agreement.

Trade agreements are just a means by which big business can avoid safety regulations, avoid paying fair salaries and wages, avoid paying their fair share of taxes, avoid environmental protections.

What is worse disputes are to be resolved by a WTO court and it will allow foreign companies to sue our government and there is no provision where our unions can have a say.

This results in transferring our nation’s sovereignty to a foreign entity. Nafta was formulated by Reagan, negotiated by Bush senior, Clinton pushed it through Congress with business support. Estimates vary but resulting American job losses are from 600,000 to over a million.

Remember folks to tell your congressman/woman we don’t want to have any more jobs exported and we shouldn’t encourage other countries to exploit workers, create pollution and pay off crooked politicians.

The Republicans sent hundreds of thousands of jobs over seas. Now they don’t want to pay for the millions of the unemployed that are left behind. Rape and run is their motto.

They fight any proposal that might benefit the folks at home.

When Reagan became president income taxes on the top one percent were 70 percent. They cried and cried.

Now they are around 30 percent and they are still crying. “Taxes are too high,” they say. Look at the Waltons who own Walmart earned $29 billion in 2012.

The top 1 percent in income took home 19.3 percent of U.S. household income. Where will the rich invest their income? In sweatshops overseas. Anywhere they can exploit people. Income concentration in the top 1 percent is higher than the depression.

How about if we put the tax rate back to 70 percent for the top 1 percent and 50 percent for families with over $400,000 per year with a 20 percent deduction for investments they make in factories here, and in employees that are citizens of the U.S. that they hire and work in the U.S.?

I would welcome any serious proposal along those lines. I’m pretty sure they will attack my suggestion but not come up with a good sincere counter proposal. Just like they attack every Obama proposal without out coming up with a constructive counter proposal.

The politicians of both parties are destroying the infrastructure of the U.S.

About the congressman’s response about jobs for Michigan. Waivers were granted for $2 magnets (special rare earth magnets) to allow Lockheed to buy these essential components from a possible future adversary, China, for the F-35 fighter.

There is a company in Troy, Michigan, that can provide them. GWTI is the company name. If some modifications in production line have to be made the U.S government can help cover the cost like they did for automakers in World War II. It’s a $392 billion program.

Jobs for Michigan he says. Disgusting.

James Oliver Rye

Crystal Falls