It was just another day


The child was killed when its home was invaded in broad daylight. “Killed,” though accurate, is a mild word to apply to the defenseless child’s demise. You would flinch if I described what really happened in that home.

The perpetrator was an adult male and, though several people identified him, no charges have been filed. Shockingly, the mother was an accomplice and the father did nothing to stop it even though he knew it was going to happen.

More incredible is this fact: the law would have prevented him from staying the killer’s hand even if he had wanted to. Can it get worse? Yes.

That same day eight other young persons were killed at the same location and their remains were tossed in the trash. The clincher? It didn’t even make the news. Why? It was just another day at the abortion clinic.

Were you, dear reader, a participant in the ending of those young persons’ lives? Have you been convinced they are “only tissue?”

Do you call it “choice?” Do you vote for those that openly declare their allegiance to “choice?”

If so, you may as well have carried to bag to the dumpster.

Stan Thomas

Iron Mountain