Excuses and deceit


The Michigan deer season is finally history and, once again, it was disappointing for many hunters.

What is the ulterior motive behind the goal for harvesting deer in the U.P.?

Why does the state sanction five deer seasons (youth, bow, regular, musket and late bow seasons)? It certainly does not benefit the growth of our deer herd.

No doubt additional revenue is predominant in their planning and political influence plays an important part of any decision.

Timber companies certainly want less deer in the woods and favor more doe licenses. The media is influenced by the DNR to publicize negative information about poor weather conditions causing low success results for hunters.

Brian Roell, a DNR wildlife biologist in Marquette made that comment on Public television WNMU-TV13. A few years ago it was the predator problem, but always, it is excuses and deceit.

How much of the deer license revenue solicited in the U.P. is used here for assisting the animals in times of stress?

Is the DNR honest with U.P. hunters about their goals about deer management? Traditional U.P. values about wildlife appear to be irrelevant to Lansing silk-tie bureaucrats.

Deception is destructive and without the truth there can be no trust.

The primary beneficiaries of the U.P. hunting license fees in Michigan are the bureaucrats and their yacht builders. These people are shady.

The next idea might be a senior deer license because they need additional revenue for their early retirement program.

The only positive result of the misguided Lansing DNR policy is that soon there won’t be any deer for them to mismanage in the U.P. and those phony bureaucrats in Lansing will be out of a job.

Happy new year.

George Zaio

Iron Mountain