Rescue this dog


Are you missing your dog?

For nearly two weeks now, there has been a smaller black dog, about 20 lbs, running loose in the White Birch East mobile home park.

It looks like it might be a black Pomeranian, but not sure.

Its fur is getting long and shaggy so it’s hard to tell.

The poor thing has been living out in these zero, below zero temperatures and how it is surviving is a mystery to us here who see it and try our best to help it.

I do not know if someone dumped this poor animal off or if it got loose, ran off, and got lost. No one can get close enough to it because it seems petrified of everyone.

There is a collar around its neck, but we can’t tell if there are tags and even if there are, it won’t let us get near enough to see if there is any information on them.

Animal Control is a joke. I called them a week ago to ask for their help and was told the animal control officer wouldn’t be in until Jan. 2.

Today is Jan. 2, so I called and then was told he wasn’t going to be around for another week. Someone from the shelter (I think), was notified and came to set up a large live trap across the street from my home along side of one of my neighbors.

Food has been put inside several times and the dog has been inside to eat it, but the trap has never gone off.

It is either a very smart dog or this trap isn’t working. The neighbor said someone came to check the trap, picked it up and turned it on its end and was banging away with a hammer.

Sounds like the trap wasn’t, and isn’t working properly.

Most of us here are very upset about this poor dog.

The temps are extremely cold and it can’t survive forever. It runs in the opposite direction whenever it sees someone, so hard as we try, we can’t coax it to come to us.

Someone has got to be able to rescue this dog and take it to the shelter where it will be warm, fed, and hopefully vet-checked.

If you are the owner of this dog, shame on you if you just wanted to get rid of it.

You could have just taken it to the shelter.

If this dog just got loose and is lost and is yours, please come to White Birch East.

You may call 828-1528 for information.

Mary Ann Owens

White Birch East

Breitung Township