This list could go on and on


From Patience Cushman of Schaumburg, Ill:

I just returned from a week in Iron Mountain for Christmas visiting relatives. My sibling and I stayed at a local hotel.

On Christmas morning, we were hungry and trying to find a place to eat a late breakfast/early lunch. Grocery stores were all closed. McDonald’s wasn’t open either. As we were driving past the hospital, jokingly, I said, “We could go to the hospital. The cafeteria might be open.” So we did.

Hospital food has a reputation of not being all that great. Kudos to the hospital cafeteria at Dickinson County Healthcare Systems for providing a complimentary, hot, and delicious meal on Christmas Day. I don’t know what we would have done without that delicious meal.

See you next year.


From Orice Walters of Iron Mountain:

Bouquets a-plenty to:

– Community minded people who brighten our lives.

– Northwoods Garden Club and Downtown Main Street businesses for the beautiful flowers gracing our streets all summer long.

– Friends of the Braumart and theatre groups.

– All community concert singers and musicians.

– Out to Lunch committee.

– Mia Tovanotti and local artists who believe in Iron Mountain.

– Doctors, nurses, hospitalists, dentists who care for our health.

– City workers who keep our streets clean and plowed.

– Community Christmas Tree and lighted decorations.

– Veterans for our freedom and Salvation Army for providing food baskets.

– Churches and those who provide free meals.

– Kiwanis Ski Club members who work tirelessly making snow day and night preparing for our Pine Mountain Continental Cup Ski jump each year.

– Individuals like Dewey Solberg of Solbergs/Greenleaf providing daily suppers for the “snowmakers’ on Big Pine Mountain.

– And to Dean Carrollo, who came to the aid of a couple (that was the Walters) when their car broke down after hitting a pot hole on U.S. 2 near Computer Connections.

– This list could go on and on, but let’s just give bouquets to those who make our lives and community better just by being in it.

A blessed and healthy 2014 to all.