Golden K members share memories


For The Daily News

KINGFORD – Are you wondering how to warm a very cold day? Join in the Golden K Monday mornings. This hardy group braved the below zero temps to join together and sing, “White Christmas,” “Deck The Halls,” “Silver Bells,” and other great songs.

Pauline Werner played the piano and Margaret Trudell led the singing. The snowbirds just don’t know what they’re missing. “Auld Lang Syne” was sung in memory of Randy Weege and William Hansley. Our sympathy goes out to their families.

This week birthday wishes goes out to Mrs. John Corsin on Jan. 1. And the 50/50 drawing was won by Karen Burgess.

Bill Trudell read the Happy Dollars. Aaron Rogers and Randall Cobb’s return to the Pack was top on the list of happiness for Packers fans. Another Happy Dollar was submitted with the following: Do you know how cold it was today? I saw a chicken walk by with a “cap on.” Additionally John Jamar submitted happy to visit with family for 10 days over the holidays. Dick Walsh was happy to be on “this side of the snow.”

The thought for the day, “New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one “year” and out the other. (Author unknown.)

In lieu of a scheduled program members shared stories, jokes and we even got to move around a bit. Shirley Winters had the group doing a very low impact aerobic workout. Good circulation and great memories of Christmas started flowing.

Mike Werner shared (with his wife’s permission of course) their Christmas letter which had a unique twist with the theme of “Out with the old and in with the new.” The events of the year called for embracing the need to letting go, dispose of “older” things, and update to “newer” things. Much to Pauline’s delight, the old list was growing shorter and Mike is adjusting to the new.

Kirk Olson interjected some “blond” jokes. Here’s one for your enjoyments, “A blond called the airlines to check on a flight to San Joes (San Jose). The agent explained that the ‘J”‘ is dropped and pronounced as an ‘H.’ The blond acknowledge and the ticket agent continued. When would you like to go. The blond responded. ‘Hune and Huly.'”

Walter Jenson shared stories of Christmas experiences from his time in the service. On one remarkable Christmas, he found himself alone and went to the nearest town to find company. Back then, businesses closed on holidays so he walked along the streets. A lady stopped to invite him and two other service men to her house for dinner. She explained that her son was elsewhere, also alone, and in the service. Her hope was the someone would do the same for him. What a great way to remind us to keep meeting the needs of others.

The cold must have triggered memories for Gilbert Engel. He shared his story of being stationed in Alaska. He explained how his encounters in the tundra required a great ability to be adaptable. He purchased 25 percent of a car when he arrived. Is that like time-sharing? The car had no breaks, clearly had been around for awhile, and came with a resident rat who occasionally ran across the back seat. The barracks also came with extra inhabitants, rats running across the room. This was that place a soldier was threatened to be sent to when he messed up. Gilbert wasn’t sure what action brought him there. And remember that 25 percent of a car, well Gilbert sold it to the next incoming guy.

As the year 2013 comes to an end and we looked forward to 2014, Golden Kers wished every a “Happy New Year.”