Which man shows leadership?


Who is more synonymous with the definition of leadership which either makes a nation great or could send it to the dust heap of history?

Our leaders like Obama behind door number one or like Putin behind door number two.

The efficient mobilizing propaganda national press despises strong Christian leaders, while making the elite a rock star.

Ever since they crucified our Lord, they have used every deceitful opportunity to make them out to say the least bad apples and shunning their own wolf’s clothing.

The press praises Obama and ridicules Putin, the darlings of the press, like McCain their every word is sought out.

McCain calls out Putin as the slouch in the back of the classroom. Really?

Talk about the kettle calling the pot black, McCain is a spoiled military brat grandson and son of an admiral. In case you didn’t know he graduated from the naval academy eighth in his class of 800, but it was eighth from the bottom, a “one percenter.”

He also said, Putin was head of the KGB and wouldn’t trust him. Big deal. I voted for Herbert Walker Bush. He was known as “Poppy Bush” when he ran the CIA “the legacy of ashes” our $400-plus billion shadow government enterprise, the Golden Triangle.

McCain, when he ran for president, didn’t know which Christian denomination he was even affiliated with, how sad.

Now maybe it’s time to enlighten you on the leadership of Putin in Russia.

He was secretly baptized in the Orthodox Church at birth by his mother and attended services with her. His father was a Communist floor boss in a factory who looked the other way, no silver spoon there. He picked himself up by his bootstraps and rose to the top, proving himself.

Note: the Russian Orthodox Church in 1997 was recognized as coterminous with the state and is an ally in a secular Russia with the law on Freedom of Conscience. Alexy II, Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, campaigned for the return of church property.

Today, volunteers are restoring churches and monasteries throughout Russia. Putin wrote in a monastery’s’ guest book, “The revival of Russia and growth of its might are unthinkable without the strengthening of society’s moral foundations. The role and significance of the Russian Orthodox Church are high. May God protect you.”

Yes, he believes the Orthodox Church should be involved in family life, education, and their armed forces.

Mr. Putin has said, “Religions should have opportunities to give support of family upbringing and education of youth, moral and social attitudes, and patriotic spirit of military.”

Putin is for church reunification with the Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia.

He said, “You are sitting with a believing president,” a canonical union occurred in 2007 with the Russian Orthodox Church. He is the first Kremlin leader since 1917 to publicly profess religious faith to the Orthodox Church.

Putin’s government works to recruit priests into the Russian military as chaplains to instill Orthodox values for moral discipline and patriotism. They receive the same training the rest of the armed forces receive.

They learn to parachute into remote locations and carry a 10-foot by 30-foot portable church tent. So chaplains are being added at a rate of 15 new chaplains per month with a goal of 400 this year. Putin gives $100 million annually, of the Russian taxes, to the Orthodox Church.

Putin and Medvedev have worked to arrange for the enlightenment of their youth, providing for Orthodox curriculum in Russian Public Schools. In order to have a proper education, our youth should be steeped in the ways of the Russian Orthodox Church with its traditions, liturgy, and cultural historic figures and relics. Its religion in schools is optional, few opt out.

The fragments of a cross, on which the Apostle Andrew is believed to have been crucified, is on loan from Greece. It is on tour sponsored by the head of Russian Railways, a friend of Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church.

Yes, Russia may be the only western nation to take a strong stand against moral disintegration of the nuclear family, especially children (their greatest national resource from leaders in the secular international community, who offer anything anti-Christian secular society).

Putin signs bills to protect children from undesirable propaganda. Putin has received Virgin Mary Fertility Relic as he fights abortion, population decline and low birth rates. Putin announced in 2010, that the founding of Christianity in Russia in the 10th century to be a national and public holiday to celebrate.

Putin may now have the moral high ground over Obama; he has been campaigning to stop Christian massacres in many of the world’s regions.

Religious minorities are infringed upon. In Syria the 2.5 million Christians do not want foreign powers to intervene as the Coptic, Chaldean, Eastern Orthodox Church’s support Assad.

Our president and McCain support for the so called Free Syrian Army are actually anti-Christian, Communist, Jihadist and Al-Caeda linked rebels. Fanthom Pope Francis has asked Putin to prevent a massacre.

Obama now targets Catholic hospitals, universities, and businesses with “Obama Care” involving contraception and abortion services from the homosexual lobby. Christians and Americans who store food or supplies will be labeled as mentally ill and targeted for gun confiscation and possessions.

George Washington converted to Catholicism on his death bed. So is Obama causing the father of our nation to roll over in his grave?

Obama furloughed some 50 Catholic chaplains, even volunteer ones, during the government shut down.

Having the U.S. Army conduct training, listing Catholics and Evangelical Christians as terrorists.

His U.S. Department of Homeland “In”-Security is asking U.S. police officers if they would willingly confiscate guns from Christians.

United States government and some states are turning over conceal carry permit holders to the Social Security Disability System and if their medications can be used against them for confiscation of guns.

So much for Obama’s paranoia and his minders of Bible-toting gun-carrying Christians.

So again, I ask: Which man shows leadership, respect of western culture, education and morality?

John Beck