Afraid of the truth


Where are we?

This is in reply to Phil Robertson’s comment on his TV show. To start with, Phil could have said things much differently. Some of what he said was true, some was poorly worded thoughts of his own. This is where one must be careful when speaking.

Let’s take Ted Nugent for one example of a popular person on TV, and the music industry. He has a hunting show and he stands up for gun owners and hunting. But, it is how he says things that I do not like. He has some truth to what he says, but the way he says things offends even me as a gun owner and hunter. He is rich and arrogant in the way he says things. A bit of humility would go a long way with Ted making his points.

One thing that does bother me about TV personalities is the political correctness of much of Hollywood. I hear goons like Bill Mauer and the filth he spews on his cable TV show.

Really, and no one holds him accountable, why not?

Mr. Robertson makes a comment on God and the Bible, and wow, the whole world is out for his head. You have a lot of cheap junk on TV that is vile and as far as I am concerned, it is Satanic. Look at the programs on TV that our kids are watching, really, this stuff should be banned.

How about these young singers on TV, like this one female singer that was doing indecent movements with another male on stage. That is as close as the sex act on national TV for our kids to see and no one demands she be removed from ever performing on TV again. I do not even watch any of these disgraceful programs on TV. These are what I call “mindless” TV viewing, along with all the other sitcoms on TV.

How about the simple word of “tolerance.”

Oh boy, we hear that one all the time. We have the gay movement is always asking for tolerance for them, but they have none for anyone who disagrees with their lifestyle.

When Phil Robertson said that “homosexuals will never inherit the Kingdom of God,” he was telling the truth. The problem is he said it in a badly worded comment.

I am offended when we have scenes of gay people getting married and kissing on national TV. What about tolerance for my beliefs, none, I do not get any.

Gay people are pushing their lifestyles on us and we have no rights to protest. We are labeled as bigots for condemning them. We have a current president who is helping gays to openly marry, what is happening to our country.

Sorry to say this but it does say in the Bible that homosexuality is a sin, and those who do such things will never inherit the Kingdom of God (Heaven). Why as believers do we have to keep our mouth shut about this, and if we say something we are bigots?

Well, I guess then that God is a bigot also, and I will follow and believe the Bible until my dying days.

Believe this, Satan is in full control of the country now with all of this. He is also getting state after state to legalize illegal drugs, too.

Christians and the Christian community had better start speaking up against this sin.

The Bible says “God is love.” Jesus said Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

Anyone can see Satan is really good at his job. Christians do not stand up for Jesus in this world, why? They are scared too.

They do not want to be disliked. We have “so-called” Christian churches that also say homosexuality is OK for their members, why? They do not want to lose members.

But this is no surprise, the Bible says there are “false Christians, and false religions” in this world. I am really afraid for our country right now, we are heading in the wrong direction morally.

We have had two harbingers already, the first was the terrorist attack on 9/11, the second was exactly 7 years later, in 2008, the economic collapse, and in 2015, I feel we will have another one if this country does not repent of its sinful ways.

Buy the book, “The Harbingers” and read it, you will be shocked at what you read, but I know most are afraid of the truth.

Allan Peterson