Health resolution


This year, I promise that I shall strictly observe a set of health lifestyle habits that ensures longer enjoyable life.

I make this commitment to enable myself to be counted among the happy seniors who manage to keep their health in tiptop condition daily.

Here’s my new year health resolution program focused on right nutrition and correct health habits:

1. For my daily diet I shall eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, and a variety of plant-based food.

2. I shall maintain healthy weight and be physically active.

3. I shall kick my smoking and drinking habits once and for all.

4. I shall choose only foods that are low in fat and salt.

5. I shall observe hygiene in handling and storing food.

6. I shall seek immediate medical advice in the event of any event of discomfort feeling.

With a firm resolve to be healthy I wish to enjoin my fellow seniors to adopt a similar health enhancing program. To one and all, happy New Year.

Rolando Ansay