Pendulum swings, backlash is coming


I have read where the Democrats are going to renew their push for more gun controls. They should leave the regulations as they are.

One lady (whose parents in a robbery attempt were killed) testified before Congress that the Right to Bear Arms is there to protect us from our leaders and possible future dictators, not from some neighbor or random shooting. The military has been taught from the beginning that we are to fight for freedom, wherever that threat to us presents itself. More innocent civilians died in countries that didn’t allow guns than those that have them. Compare Switzerland where there is a gun in almost every home to the atrocities in no guns allowed countries like the Congo, Russia, Germany, Syria, Cambodia, etc. Random shootings, as despicable as they are and the hurt that follows, pale in comparison to those atrocities.

I recently read that the number of food fraud cases is actually 1.4 percent of the participants enrolled in the program. This is a much better percentage than the fraud cases in the banking system, and perhaps amongst politicians. We can spend billions and billions on the NSA budget but we can’t afford to feed our poor. We are giving them billions to let them spy on us!

We can give billions in foreign aid to distant countries and we can’t afford to give our veterans the help they need from foreign excursions. How absolutely heartless our congressional leaders can be.

I understand that the statute of limitations on banking fraud is going to expire before long. Is Congress stalling for time to protect the bankers and deflect embarrassment for themselves?

This needs strong legislation and quick attention. Is Congress calling for the NSA to reveal what they know about the world’s bank scandals? Why not? They have all they need to imprison many of them. Or is it the desire of Congress to just use the NSA and TSA against our own people? You have no idea how huge the budgets for those agencies are.

Now I understand there are two international trade deals being considered in Congress: A trans-Pacific trade agreement and a trans- Atlantic. I’m wary of these. Look at the destruction to our American workers’ jobs that occurred after the NAFTA agreement! Beware of entangling alliances as our forefathers warned us. It, as usual, helps business but doesn’t help gain more jobs for us despite what our congressmen want us to believe. Let’s get final copies of these and let the public review well before the agreements are signed.

I again hear the Republicans crying about too much regulation. That tired old argument. Why do those people think those regulations were written?? Because of abuses by business and industry.

Look at all the waste piles and big holes in the ground around here left by the miners. It wasn’t too much regulation that caused those. It wasn’t too much regulation that caused the economy to collapse in 2008, thanks to Slick Willie caving in to the bankers. I can go to a doctor now fairly confident that my doctor is qualified, my medicines are safe and inspected, that drilling won’t contaminate my drinking water sources, that the gas I buy for my car meets a certain octane level.

All these regulation were there to protect us from greedy companies. I grew up in a mining town and know of the many abuses by the union and it went too far, now business is exploiting workers again and ruining their chances for a retirement, for a living wage, for even surviving. They are real slick about how they avoid paying overtime, unemployment and providing abusive labor conditions. The pendulum is swinging the other way towards business again. What are they going to do when most Americans can’t even buy anything anymore because they can only find 15 or 20 hours a week for work and can’t even buy groceries. No one to sell to because no work, we sent all the jobs overseas?

The backlash is coming and it probably won’t be pretty. Especially when the poor and impoverished middle class outnumber Republicans about 20 to one.

James Oliver Rye

Crystal Falls