May you accept God’s gift


What is Christmas? What is it all about? Why should we celebrate the birth of someone who was born 2,014 years ago? Do people really believe Christmas is about the birth of a child in a stable to two parents who claim the mother was a virgin and the father was God?

Yes, many people do believe what the Bible tells us. Christmas is all about a gift. A gift that was given to all of mankind. God wanted all people to be able to reach out to him and praise and worship him. He wanted all people to live with him in his kingdom for all eternity.

This was not possible, though, all people were sinners and because of this they could not enter into God’s kingdom without repenting and being forgiven of their sins. God promised man that he would give us a way to come into his kingdom. Jesus is that way.

The way was through God’s only son. One who came into this world to save us from ourselves. That one was God’s gift to man. The Christ child was given to us by God. Jesus our savior was born of a virgin who had been conceived by the power of God and delivered to all a savior. We cannot come to God on our own. Whatever we do would never open the way for us to come into God’s kingdom. God gave us a gift to find our way into his kingdom through his son.

Man has tried to make himself appear to be a better person than he truly is. This is why we give gifts to others. We put tags on them so we are sure to get credit for what we have done. Sometimes we give to others out of guilt. Another reason we give is out of love. We are told to do this by God in the Bible. The gifts we give we wrap up in pretty paper and make them look like real treasures. We can be assured that the gift we have been given by God is the best gift we could ever hope for. God gave to all the gift of his only son and the opportunity for salvation.

One has to wonder, though, why some people choose not to accept God’s gift. Yes, there are people who do not realize how important it is to accept Jesus and ask for forgiveness of our sins. This is a gift that can never be matched by anyone. To be able to turn to God and to live with him for eternity.

We who know the Lord and have accepted his gift have a overpowering love for our Lord. This love is one that goes two ways. God also loves us and gives us guidance to do with our lives those things that are pleasing to him. This includes showing others how they can also find salvation.

You can be assured that no matter who you are or whatever you may have done, God wants to receive you into his kingdom. Man may turn you away for the stupidest of reasons. Man will not always forgive you. Man probably won’t totally give of his love for you. God, however, will do all these things for you and so much more. Yes, God will help and guide you. He has done just that for me. My life is not perfect. I am still a sinner.

My life is a lot fuller now. Ever since I turned my life over to God, my days have more meaning to them. Life still isn’t a bed of roses. I still have my share of problems. I have not won the lottery but I don’t need to. God is with me 24/7 and knowing that is all I need.

I want to close with a Christmas wish for all who read this:

May you accept God’s gift for you and be blessed for all your days with his love and guidance.

Jim Dziedzic