Munising mobile home destroyed by fire

MUNISING – A fire engulfed a mobile home in Munising Township early this morning, injuring all occupants.

Troopers from the Michigan State Police Munising detachment responded to the reported structure fire at E12422 Johnson Road in Munising Township, Alger County, at 1:35 a.m. Thursday.

They arrived to find the mobile home fully engulfed in flames. The five occupants were located in a near-by residence where they were receiving first aid for smoke inhalation, cuts and burns.

The occupants involved were Gaylord McArthur, 30, Barbara McGee, 24, Brian McGee, 6, Arianna McArthur, 4, and Aila McArthur, 3.

The fire is believed to have started near a wood burning stove.

One of the children was awakened by smoke in her room and alerted the others. Fire was spreading in the dwelling from the wood stove and the occupants were able to exit through a rear window.

Once outside, they discovered 4-year-old Arianna was still in the home. Gaylord went back into the burning dwelling, located Arianna, broke a window on the north side of the mobile home and threw her out into the snow. He then made his exit through the same window.

A Trooper from the Michigan State Police Negaunee post said Gaylord’s actions likely saved the life of Arianna.

All injured were transported to Munising Memorial Hospital. Gaylord and Arianna were transferred to Marquette General Hospital for further treatment.