Focus on Christ


I wrote this and hopefully you can publish it during the Christmas season.

This is a simple poem about Christmas putting the focus on Christ.

Christmas time: twinkling lights strung everywhere, presents are given and fond memories are shared.

The feeling of goodwill to all the people we see, singing carols and decorating the Christmas tree.

The happiness in our hearts when family draws near, there are so many reasons for good Christmas cheer.

For all the delights that are part of Christmas time, it is the birth of Christ we need to keep in mind.

Christmas is Christ’s birthday for him to claim, that is why the word Christmas begins with Christ name.

The colors of the season, both white and red, are for the pureness of his soul and the blood he shed.

Marked with stripes on a candy cane, the cane is also the Good Shepherd’s staff for guiding his sheep he made pure from stain.

The Christmas tree also reflects his birth story, that holy night in all its wonder and glory. The lights are the angels glowing in the night sky, telling shepherds of Christ’s birth in Bethlehem nearby. God was sending down his only son from heaven to earth, and they were sent to announce the good news of his birth.

The star on the tree is like the guiding star of old, bringing the wise men to his birthplace as it beckoned them to follow.

At the center of it all is the tree symbolizing Christ, and evergreen it stands for life. Cut down, it died. Now back alive, adorned with care and glorified.

Christ gave his life as our sacrifice for sin, victorious over death, everlasting life for believers now to begin. We are the ornaments of Christ holy reign, filled with his spirit, and set free from sins shame.

And like the ornaments, we are precious and chosen, cherished and loved, but we are paid for by his life and made pure by his blood.

Under the tree are presents to give, but the gift he brings is for us all to live. It is the gift that only he can bring: The Salvation of our souls and life everlasting. The ultimate gift to which there is no compare – the gift that is given for all people to share.

My prayer to you at this holy time: you will find God’s peace and his love through his son divine in this season as we celebrate his birth: blessed Christmas time.

Nicole Varga