Every nickel and dime


Perhaps you are aware that wildlife management in the state of Michigan stands at a crossroads once again as anti-hunters led by the HSUS (Humane Society) have us squarely in their crosshairs.

The wolf issue, as have other issues in the past, have served to hide their real agenda which is to eliminate hunting in Michigan. To combat this effort the Upper Peninsula Sportsmen’s Alliance has joined a coalition of sporting organizations including Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC) Michigan Trappers, Michigan Bowhunters, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and Safari International to stand up and challenge this effort. We have created The Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management to guide the effort. We need your help and the assistance of every sportsperson in the Upper Peninsula to be effective.

Our action and contributions will be needed in two ways.

We are in the process of setting up a citizen initiated law which will render this anti-hunting effort and all future attempts to remove hunting rights in Michigan null and void. Language is being drafted for the purpose of creating a petition which will be submitted to the legislature requesting them to act on the language and pass the language into law. This will prevent future assaults on our hunting rights. We will need your organization to join in the petition process by getting the signatures required for the legislature.

We will need money for advertising, printing and distribution of petitions, and other costs involved. We are asking that your organization either donate from your treasury or by collection from individuals within your group, whatever funding you can generate to help with the costs of the petition drive. We have received commitments from some of our groups already but we will need not only large donations but every nickel and dime we can scrape together.

Please reply by sending donations to UPSA, P.O. Box 54, Quinnesec, Mi. 49876.

Tony Demboski,



Upper Peninsula

Sportsman Alliance