Norway man sent to prison


Staff Writer

IRON MOUNTAIN – A Norway man who attempted to rob a gas station while he was intoxicated has been sentenced to prison.

John Leipzig, 31, will spend a minimum of two and a half years in prison for one felony count of attempted armed robbery.

Since Leipzig is listed as a habitual offender-third, the maximum sentence for the charge is increased from five years to 10 years.

The charge stems from an Oct. 8 incident in Norway.

According to the criminal complaint in the case, Leipzig entered the Krist gas station and told the female cashier that he wanted to rob the store.

He produced a pistol, which police later discovered to be a BB pistol modified to look like a real firearm, and threatened the cashier.

The complaint states that Leipzig also tried to get the cashier to go to the back of the store and have sexual contact with him.

After telling the cashier that he would be back to rob store, Leipzig left the scene.

During a plea hearing last month in Dickinson County Circuit Court, Leipzig admitted to Judge Richard Celello that he could not remember most of the incident because he was intoxicated.

As a result, Judge Celello accepted a no contest plea to the charge.

Leipzig’s sentence will run consecutive to any time he is ordered to serve for violating his parole.

He was on parole from the Michigan Department of Corrections when he committed the attempted armed robbery offense.

According to the Michigan Offender Tracking Information System, Leipzig was placed on parole after serving one year and three months in prison for charges of felonious assault and resisting or obstructing a police officer.

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