Just don’t buy it


In memory of our precious Gina Maria we urge you: Do not purchase made in China jerky treats for your pets.

Gina Maria was diagnosed with Fanconi Syndrome in August at Fox Valley Animal Referral Center in Appleton, Wis. This illness is acquired by eating duck or chicken jerky made in China.

Corporate greed put these products on our stores shelves but the determination of pet lovers can take it off of the shelves.

Just don’t buy it. The good old supply and demand theory must be put into practice now.

Remember, made in China jerky treats equals empty arms, broken hearts and financial burdens beyond one’s ability to comprehend.

China, may your jerky factories burn to the ground, never to rise from the ashes.

We are grief stricken, broken hearted, angry and missing her terribly.

Got a computer? Go to the FDA website, search jerky treats. We sadly are not alone in our grief with dead or sickened animals.

Lynn Deloria

Iron Mountain