Wasteful spending


Members of Congress have effectively exempted themselves from Obamacare.

If Obamacare is so good why did our politicians, with the consent and approval of the White House, thumb their noses at its so called benefits while they continue to defend this failed program?

The White House staff and 7,000 political appointees and their families are exempt and don’t have to deal with the hardships created by Obamacare.

These phony political bureaucrats get to keep their gold-plated taxpayer-subsidized insurance plans. Millions of Americans are getting kicked out of their preferred plans, losing access to their doctors, and forced to pay skyrocketing premiums for vastly more expensive insurance policies.

If current legislation now in the Senate and House undo’s these unjust exemptions the hypro-critical Mr. Obama and his allies will have no choice but to give up their Obamacare exemption.

These arrogant politicians are an island against the American people and don’t deserve our respect.

As the Wall Street Journal stated on Dec. 7, 2013 “Mr. Obama will never hold anyone specific accountable for the Obamacare fiasco because that could mean indicting himself and his governing philosophy.”

The Affordable Care Act’s main achievement is turning out to be diminishing affordable care, as the Wall Street Journal wrote on Nov. 29, 2013.

Each year we spend 2 billion tax dollars in annual dues payments to the United Nations. There are also “voluntary payments” which finance UN programs.

In fiscal year 2010 alone we gave the UN a total of $7.7 billion. We pay an estimated 27 percent of all UN expenses.

In fact, we pay more than all the other permanent members of the Security Council combined, 13 times more than Russia and seven times more than China.

Even as our national debt skyrockets to $17 trillion and we are on the road to bankruptcy we are giving billions of our hard-earned tax dollars annually to the UN.

What do we receive for our commitment to the UN?

In short, we are paying for a rag-tag collection of dictators and socialists that despise us and vocally oppose our American values. The UN’s budget has grown dramatically because it is corrupt.

UN officials siphoned off and stuffed their pockets with two-thirds of the $732 million the UN was supposed to spend establishing security and protecting the people of Haiti.

The UN follows the U.S. congressional playbook, wasteful spending. If you believe our congress won’t discover spending “emergencies” you probably think can still keep your health plan.

George Zaio

Iron Mountain