Picture four more years


Excuses Barack, excuses:

1. Republicans sabotaged the Affordable Care Act. How, when no Republican voted for it.

2. States refused to participate in the ACA. Why would they when they said it would solve nothing and the cost would be dumped on the states.

3. Website glitches. The website functions less effectively than Congress. The equivalent of the “dog ate my homework.”

4. Heavy website traffic. Baloney. in BHO’s case statistics mean never to say you are certain.

5. The insurance companies are at fault. At fault for what, complying with the wishes and demands of “he who must be obeyed?” All of these excuses so that the Caliph of America, the one who is bringing us Sharia Law can continue feeling good about himself.

The gutless one, lacking in the quality of leadership continues to make America weak.

He agrees with the UN small arms treaty. He makes a deal with Iraq on nuclear weapons which guarantees nothing.

He leaves U.S. citizens in North Korea, does nothing to get them released and gives them everything they demand. He is willing to commit our troops in Afghanistan through 2024 and receives only an insult for his effort from the capped ruler of said country who says he doesn’t trust us.

There is a buzz about changing term limits for presidents. Picture four more years with the Caliph in charge. Our children will all be in brown shirts, our wives will be wearing Burkhas, our neighbors will be spying on us, dissenters will have tattoos on their forearms and/or will be sent to detention for re-education or worse.

Finally, the Caliph has said that “We won’t repeal the law as long as I am president.” Nice of the Caliph to offer a solution to the problem he has created. Get rid of him.

Sheldon Minsky

Iron Mountain