I pray for this country


We are still in the midst of the deepest recession (thank you George W. Bush) since the Great Depression.

We need good jobs, less crime, less pollution, and free health care (yes, just like in Canada).

What do we get: “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Voice.”

When 15 percent of the U.S. population gets food stamps what the people need is cooperation in our government to create good jobs and what do they/we get? A song and a dance, literally.

I get the feeling the one percenters of this country think we are idiots. Most people do not want to work for $7 an hour with zero benefits. I made that in 1969.

People are willing to work but need a sustainable wage/benefit package. Is it possible that the leaders in Washington D.C. know this? Do they care?

I believe they really do not. With thousands of lobbyists representing big business and buying their votes, our illustrious Congress and the Senate is now selling out to the most money.

What happened to our country? Is this great nation becoming a not-so-great nation? I think so.

Some 237 years and now it is going downwards fast. But I hope not. Where will this country be in 20 years?

That is about all the time I think I will have. I pray for this country to be the country it once was. Don’t you?

Robert Hunt

Iron Mountain