Keep Christ in Christmas


There’s a story about a minister who gave the same sermon week after week, after week.

Finally a parishioner asked him “Reverend, when are you going to change the sermon?”

The minister said “I’ll change the sermon when the sermon changes you.”

Well I can relate to the minister, here’s my sermon; this is my annual appeal to “Keep Christ in Christmas.”

The atheists are busy and working hard, so we Christians have to work harder.

Make Christ noticeably part of the season. Say “Merry Christmas.” “Happy Holiday” is generic, it really doesn’t say anything.

Santa and Rudolph have their place but I’d like to see the “Wise Men” and the “Holy Family” as part of your outdoor display.

Send only Christmas cards that have a message, or write your own message.

There are three kinds of postage stamps. I’m sorry to say the ones picturing the Mother and Child aren’t the best selling.

So take my sermon to heart and maybe next year I won’t have the same one.

Keep Christ in Christmas.

Dorothy Meneghini