And earn merit badges


On the Nov. 12 Daily News, was a story about the Dickinson County mine inspector asking for more hours which means more taxes, ‘our money’ one commissioner said, “the county doesn’t have extra money,” yet they went ahead and gave him more. Folks and taxpayers, they are playing games with our money, Let me ask some questions of Mr. Smith:

First, do you have a job description and a job classification? You know we don’t need a mine inspector anymore.

Second, I am a inquisitive person just what do you do too earn your pay? It’s my money you are asking for. As an elected person in the county you should have known the pay (our taxes). You don’t have to run if it did not pay enough.

Citizens and taxpayers it’s time to get rid of the mine inspector’s job or position. Most lands within Dickinson County is either private or publicly owned. It’s their responsibility to keep it safe and secure.

The last time an incident happened by the Cornish Pump and Museum a cave-in occurred. County mine inspector not needed, the state came in a took over.

You know, they have many inspectors of all sorts and are happy to come in and take over. We pay them also with our taxes dollars and it ain’t cheap.

Fourth, here’s some tax saving measure: contract it out when needed.

Let the Boy Scouts preform this work they can do it and earn merit badges. You know, commissioners common sense tells us, we have no mines so maybe someone else can explain what’s going on here?

Someone once said, when you get on a government payroll you cannot get it off.

Oh, by the way, “how’s that Obama thing working out for ya, so far?”

Joseph Massie

Quinnesec (Kid)