Ready to listen now?


Well, I wrote an article just before deer season and said it would be a bad one. I told a lot of people it would not be a good deer season.

Not many believed me, well, ready to listen now? That, in my 55 years of deer hunting was the worst I have ever had, period. I counted 8 shots on opening day, and the first was at 8:45. I had to look at the date on my watch to see if it was indeed Nov. 15. Eight shots on opening day, you should have heard a hundred or more for the first day.

As I sit here it is only the 26th and I have only heard one shot the last four nights. I have made calls to a lot of other hunters and they all say the same thing, poor, really poor.

I watched the Bark River big buck night, they said poor, I watched the big buck night at the Northwoods place and same thing poor.

Buck Lavaser was at Northwoods and he said in all his years he never saw anything like this before.

An article in the Iron Mountain News said before deer season they expect a good season, then at the Bark River night they say they “expected” this result.

Really, that is talking out of both sides of your mouth. I also knew this was going to happen, it has been happening at my camp for three years now, but no one would listen.

I can hear the DNR now, bad weather, windy, rain, mild weather, and of course, a full moon. Guess what, deer live in that stuff. These only affect hunters, as I said, deer live in these conditions.

When I bought my land, I had 12-14 pictures of bucks down to none this year. Last year only two small bucks; this year none; very few does, and only one fawn sighting. As I talk to hunters they say nothing can be done. Yes, something can be done. E-mail the DNR about this poor hunting, call them.

We need to get petitions out for signatures to give to them, let them know we are not pleased with their mis-management of our deer herd.

As I said in my last letter, too many seasons. You have the “youth” hunt, bow season, rifle season, black powder season, late archery season. And, too many does have been slaughtered the last 10 years.

First, no doe permits for five years to start with. Then no more “youth” hunting that kills too many of the nice bucks. Then bow season needs to be cut back to Oct. 1 to the 15. Then Nov. 15-30 for rifle season.

No separate black powder season; want to hunt with your muzzle-loader, use it during the firearms season, period. No late archery season.

Too many days to hunt and slaughter our deer off. Remember, the DNR is not looking out for the average hunter, they want money, lots of seasons, lots of money.

The DNR also needs to pacify the timber company and the insurance company lobbyists. Neither one wants lots of deer; they could care less if there were deer at all.

This will take extreme e-mails, letters to the DNR, people at the DNR meetings to change for the best of our deer herd.

We must get someone started in printing up petitions that all can sign, and get this out statewide and we can change things.

If nothing is done, next year will not have a deer herd.

We are already told we are going to get above average snow fall, and that will mean after last spring’s late appearance we will lose a lot of deer, and we can’t afford to lose more this winter.

We must act now, start calling the local DNR offices, e-mail and let’s get some petitions going to collect signatures.

Allan Peterson