It’s at all levels


Our parents and grandparents down through the ages have recognized that there is a right, and wrong and good and evil. They have garnered this knowledge from reading the Bible.

Across cultures there has been an upholding of basic standards and wholesomeness. They recognized that adultery was wrong as well as homosexuality, stealing, lying as well as other sinful corrupt practices.

These are sins and found in the Bible. Humans don’t want to believe they are sins.

God wrote them down in the Bible. He didn’t actually write them but these are his laws.

Certain people were inspired so they wrote them. If you believe God, then sin is against God, we don’t get away with sin.

As I write, our county is facing a lying and cheating problem, and it’s right at the top the president and his people which we have elected.

We should know by now what liberal Democrats do best, lie completely to get their own way. So we have now the most corrupt government in power, ready to destroy, get rid off anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Some modern day rulers we have known about were liberal, Communists, Democrat, socialist, they all killed their own people, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Castro, Mao just to name some.

Their personalities were all narcissism (self love) this personality is a disorder in the person.

They want to fix everything that’s not broken. The end is they cannot do anything and they destroy everything and make it worst than is was. They silence their critics and use public funds to destroy him or her.

Remember Sara Palin, you know the dirty way, kill the messenger forget the problems.

It’s apparent our government by the people don’t know what they are doing, and the sad case is it’s at all levels of government.

The elected fear the bureaucracy and the public unions. This fear is at all levels local, state and federal. We are going no where fast, negatatism is embedded in the whole process of thinking.

It was once said, wake up and die right.

Joseph Massie